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Oblique Stock Photos
San Diego County
Orange County
Riverside County
Imperial County
Vertical Stock Photos
San Diego County 2014
Orange County 2014
Riverside County 2014
Los Angeles County 2014
San Bernardino County 2014
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Vertical Stock Photos and Digital Ortho-rectified Aerial Photo Coverages

LENSKA Aerial Images is a provider of aerial imagery and services. For all counties in Southern California, we deliver the highest resolution and most accurate aerial imagery in the industry. Our image library, which contains over thousands of current and archived aerial imagery since 1990. All markets are updated on an annual basis. The imagery is ortho-rectified for easy use in your GIS applications.

The following counties are available in 1 ft pixel resolution:

San Diego County
Date Last Flown: March/April 2014

Orange County
Date Last Flown: March/April 2014

Riverside County
Date Last Flown: March/April 2014

Palm Springs Area
Date Last Flown: February 2004 - Click here for a sample

Los Angeles County
Date Last Flown: March/April 2014

San Bernardino County
Date Last Flown: February 2014

Kern County
Date Last Flown: March 2008
City of Santa Barbara
Date Last Flown: September 2008
Also available in 6 inch