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Lenska Custom Aerial PhotosLenska Aerial Images specializes in lower elevation oblique, or angled view, photos of commercial and residential real estate and construction progress projects throughout Southern California.

Not all aerial photos are created equal - By shooting from different altitudes, angles and encompassing areas from one structure to city scapes, different presentations emerge from each photo. Let our experience and know-how help you to produce the best image of your projects!

  • Oblique, Vertical, Ground and Crane Photography Available
  • Special vertical or oblique photo flights flown to your requirements.
  • Each assignment is evaluated, discussed, in terms of objectives, and end use.
  • Small areas or properties requiring angled views should be shot from helicopters.
  • Large areas and properties should be shot from airplanes
  • Customers receive 8 to 15 different views from various angles and/or altitudes.
  • All images shot digitally - all main file formats available
  • All images are color corrected, sized and optimized for your use
  • We shoot with both film and digital cameras depending on file size and size of enlarged print required
  • Images will be provided on CD without any additional charge or restriction on use