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Lenska Aerial Images -
Southern California's Leading Full-Service Aerial Photography Company

Lenska Aerial Images, located in San Diego, is Southern California’s leading full-service aerial photography company since 1989. We are prepared to support your airborne imagery needs in any way you desire by providing most up to date and accurate aerial photographs in Southern California using the very latest digital camera technology. Our responsive service includes fast turn-around, prompt and knowledgeable answers to your questions and down-to-earth prices. Our bird’s eye images might give you a whole new perspective of your projects!

Lenska Aerial Images is an authorized reseller for Digital Globe which provides the World’s largest source of current, high resolution satellite and aerial imagery and related data, available on demand.  Over 360 million sq kilometer of imagery available in many formats and delivery methods. Lenska Aerial Images is a member of PAPA International, The Professional Aerial Photographers Association, International. The network of aerial photographers will be helpful if you need custom aerial photography not covered by us.